International Deliveries and Customs Service

For 10 years, our company has dealt with international deliveries using all modes of transport. Thanks to our extensive work experience, STS International GmbH offers you the optimal alternative for cargo shipment with respect to deadline, price and cargo properties. With the help of our inventory information system, our customers can track the progress of the shipment online. We only work with certified and dependable transport companies, which guarantees us the most timely and well-arranged, international deliveries.

STS International GmbH is a logistics enterprise, whose range of service extends from the organization of deliveries by road to the organization of shipments by air freight, maritime and rail-bound transport, including modal container deliveries. International deliveries of cargoes prepared in our loading space in Hamburg (Germany) play an especially important role in our activity.

STS International GmbH will proudly represent your interests during various inspections and customs procedures. The preparation of all documentation, icluding commercial documents, written consultation and assessment inquiries will be taken care of by the customs broker. The customs clearance of the cargo does not need to be undertaken independently and it is recommended to use the service of a professional customs broker in order to avoid irreversible mistakes that may cost you more money. An incorrect customs clearance can have aggravating consequences – unfulfilled contracts, delays of the delivery and possibly customs fines as well. The services of a customs broker are often invaluable, as the services concern not only the safety of your cargo, but also the goodwill of your company. The customs broker represents your interests in dealing with customs authorities, takes care of all formalities with respect to the customs clearance of the transport goods and cargoes, and according to the agreement, may takes on other responsibilities,-as well.

Security and convenience must be combined with efficiency and promptness in order for prepared shipments to be supplied in a timely and secure manner. Our company transports the assembled cargoes, including bulk goods and dangerous goods, and guarantees their customs clearance. We prepare your shipment for transport and deliver it on location in a quick and timely manner. STS International GmbH transports shipments according to the travel schedule worked out in advance.

We offer you:

-         international deliveries by road

-         modal container transport

-         customs service

-         solution of complex customer-specific logistics problems

-         services of a customs broker

-         certification of output

-         inventory services


Our main task is the success of your business!